Tekst eesti keeles
On the banks of rivers, in the depth of forests
I n the parish of Tori, Pärnumaa, Estonia, there are two small villages, Riisa and Tõramaa, whose history dates back several centuries. They lie in the midst of primeval forests and swamps. For a long time the main traffic routs here have been rivers traversing this area and therefore the life in villages developed in relative isolation. Estonia in Europe [MAP]

The family meeting at 1992. [PHOTO] T he Riis/Riisman family tree has developed from this region and today their kinsmen can be met all over the world.

B y now the life at Tõramaa has become extinct and Riisa has become a borderland. Today these places can be visited as part of the Soomaa National Park or WEB-surfers can find additional reading about other places in the neighbourhood: The emblem of the National Park [EMBLEM]

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