1.5-m reflector AZT-12

1.5 m

The 1.5 meter reflector AZT-12 which is the largest optical telescope in Northern Europe was installed at the Observatory in 1974-1975, and was officially opened for astronomical observations on October 21, 1976. The telescope, together with various photographic cameras, photometers, spectrographs etc. has been in active use since. Mostly the Cassegrain focus has been used, but in 1976-1981 also the coude spectrograph equipped with an optical multichannel analyzer (OMA) was in use. Since mid-80s the main instrument has been the Cassegrain spectrograph ASP-32 (manufactured in Leningrad as also the telescope itself) which has 10 exchangeable diffraction gratings. Spectra are recorded with the nitrogen cooling CCD camera ORBIS-1 (512 x 512 pixels) from SpectraSource Instruments (USA). At present, the telescope is used mostly for the observations of variable (non-stable) stars by researchers from the group of stellar physics.

Technical data:

    diameter of the main mirror
    length of the primary focus
    Cassegrain focal length
    Coude focal length
    diameter of the guiding telescopes
    focal length of the quiding telescopes
    weight of the main mirror
    diameter of the dome

    1.5 m
    5.25 m
    24 m
    52.5 m
    0.3 m
    4.5 m
    850 kg
    15 m

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